Potions and Poisons
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Our new studio album Potions and Poisons is now available! It is available in the H4TH StoreiTunesSpotifyAmazonGoogle Play and at all digital outlets.

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There’s no reinvention of the wheel here--no computer programmed banjo rolls or digitally arpeggiated fiddle lines. Instead we find Head for the Hills at the peak of their powers of musical alchemy, building little worlds of sound from the detritus of bluegrass, jazz, hip hop, folk and soul. Potions and Poisons is a look at the darker side of love, lust, and life; an examination of our affinity for and aversion to the things that make us fragile but human. Recorded at home in Colorado with the band’s go-to engineer, Aaron Youngberg (Cahalen and Eli, Martha Scanlan, Grant Gordy and Ross Martin), the record features appearances from Bonnie Paine (Elephant Revival) on vocals and washboard, Erin Youngberg (Uncle Earl, FY5) on vocals, and a lush string section. Potions and Poisons is the most Head for the Hills record yet, and in the great tradition of bluegrass (and soul and folk and old time music), it delivers some bitter pills, but the ten new original songs are more than a survey of the human condition. This is reflective but buoyant music, restorative and full of vibrancy. 

Bitter Black Coffee - Official Music Video

The Official Music Video for "Bitter Black Coffee" from our new studio album, "Potions and Poisons," available May 12th. Visit the store here.

A song about seduction and the allure of a toxic romance. Bitter Black Coffee describes a sobering morning of self-reproach after a night that was badly misspent.

The official music video for Bitter Black Coffee, directed by bassist Matt Loewen and produced by Head for the Hills, is a bluegrass noir fueled grainy black and white hangover. High contrast and gritty, the video flips the songs narrative, with the woman threatening to walk out the door and leave our hard living protagonist.