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Head for the Hills--Adam Kinghorn, Joe Lessard, Matt Loewen--come out swinging and invigorated with fresh sounds on their latest EP, Say Your Mind. Recorded at Swingfingers Studios in Fort Collins (Colorado), the band brought a larger band than ever before, including drummer Darren Garvey of Elephant Revival, Vocalist Kim Dawson, Dobroist Todd Livingston, a horn section and more. The material reflects both the turbulent social rhythms of our current era and more timeless moments of joy, growth, and change—think #MeToo, the current body politic, and inequality, but also relationships, fatherhood and growing up.

Like a painter that starts in acrylic and graduates to oils, Head for the Hills is deeper and richer in their 15th year as a band, with a wider palette of sonic textures at their disposal.  Dorm room jam sessions have turned into a decade plus on the road--from humble coffee shops to theaters, festivals, roadhouses and clubs all across the country. Over time those sounds and influences have crept more and more into the bluegrass beginnings of the band, morphing into the seasoned eclecticism of Say Your Mind. The new songs are quintessential Head for the Hills; genre-stradling, lyrically deep, and danceable, with a crew of collaborators bringing the best of Colorado acoustic, roots, and soul music together.

Track Listing

1. Say Your Mind
2. Darkness Meets the Day
3. I Am the Problem
4. Can’t Stay This Way For Long


Potions and Poisons


Potions and Poisons is the fourth album of original music from Head for the Hills, the Colorado based post-modern bluegrass outfit of Adam Kinghorn, Joe Lessard, Matt Loewen and Sam Parks. There’s no reinvention of the wheel here--no computer programmed banjo rolls or digitally arpeggiated fiddle lines. Instead we find Head for the Hills at the peak of their powers of musical alchemy, building little worlds of sound from the detritus of bluegrass, jazz, hip hop, folk and soul. Potions and Poisons is a look at the darker side of love, lust, and life; an examination of our affinity for and aversion to the things that make us fragile but human. Recorded at home in Colorado with the band’s go-to engineer, Aaron Youngberg (Cahalen and Eli, Martha Scanlan, Grant Gordy and Ross Martin), the record features appearances from Bonnie Paine (Elephant Revival) on vocals and washboard, Erin Youngberg (Uncle Earl, FY5) on vocals, and a lush string section. Potions and Poisons is the most Head for the Hills record yet, and in the great tradition of bluegrass (and soul and folk and old time music), it delivers some bitter pills, but the ten new original songs are more than a survey of the human condition. This is reflective but buoyant music, restorative and full of vibrancy.

Track Listing

1. Afraid of the Dark
2. Suit and Tie
3. Give Me A Reason
4. Floodwaters
5. Potions and Poisons
6. Bitter Black Coffee
7. Waiting On You
8. Telling Me Lies
9. Kings and Cowards (Feat. Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival)
10. Bucker

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Blue Ruin

Meta-fictional sea shanties.  Pop-infused newgrass murder ballads and urbane lyricism. Twang and punch. Head for the Hills’ third record, Blue Ruin, fuses bluegrass, jazz, hip-hop and indie rock into songs inspired by love and misery and comic books. Featuring twelve new original songs marked by inspired narratives and stellar musicianship, Blue Ruin showcases the quartet’s contemporary take on acoustic music; embracing the bluegrass pedigree while looking forward.


Track Listing

1. Take Me Back
2. Never Does
3. Blue Ruin
4. Priscilla the Chinchilla
5. Look at You Now
6. Wish You Well
7. Lover’s Scorn
8. Dependency Co.
9. Bosun Ridley
10. Breakfast Noir
11. Scrap Metal
12. Light the Way



Culled from 5 great nights in Colorado, Head for the Hills – Live is just that: the band live and unadorned, performing favorite original material and select covers.  “Live” showcases the range of the bands songwriting, the depth of their improvisational chops and the some of the eclectic eccentricities that mark every Head for the Hills performance, all captured in fantastic high fidelity sound. The Live new record features keyboard work by special guest James Thomas. Co-Produced by Head for the Hills & Jon O'Leary.


Track Listing

1. Interlude
2. Randall Collins
3. Lost in the Loop
4. One Foot in the Grave
5. Scribe's Eye
6. Solar Bowling Shoes
7. Big Mon
8. Fire on the Mountain
9. Bosun Ridley
10. New Lee Highway Blues
11. Nooks and Crannies
12. Goin' Down
13. Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
14. Cold Walls
15. Salt Spring
16. Run to the Hills

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Head For The Hills (self-titled)

The 2010 self-titled release from Head For The Hills.
Produced by Drew Emmitt and recorded in Billy Nershi’s studio. The new release captures the group’s dynamic songwriting as well as the essence of their live performances.  With engaging arrangements, a bit of creative instrumentation and a bevy of talented guests, Head for the Hills represents a huge step forward for the band, and is sure to excite and engage audiences across the spectrum. Special guests include: Drew Emmitt, Billy Nershi, Anders Beck, James Thomas, & Kyle James Hauser

Track Listing:

1. One Foot in the Grave
2. Solar Bowling Shoes
3. Time to Spare
4. Nooks and Crannies
5. Cold Walls
6. A Poor Boy’s Melody
7. My Angelie
8. Chupchik
9. If’n When
10. Unchain My Heart

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Head For The Hills’ first album (released in 2007) contains many classic H4TH tunes. Produced By Sally Van Meter. 



Track Listing

1. Hornets Nest
2. Thunderstorm
3. Harvest Moon
4. Robbers Roost
5. Push On Through
6. The Creek Has Run Dry
7. Goin’ Down
8. Scribes Eye
9. AmonMonita
10. Telluride Song
11. Delphi Stomp
12. Vacant Train
13. Runaway

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Live Music Archive

To Stream & Download a variety of Live Head for the Hills performances